Young Mediterranean Voices Programme (YMV)

Date: 1/6/2019 – 1/11/2019 and 1/7/2020 – 1/10/2020

Scope: Dialogue and Peace building

Brief: YMV is coordinated by the Anna Lindh Foundation, co-funded by the British Council, and developed in partnership with the Centre for Mediterranean Integration (CMI), Friends of Europe, the World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid, MEDAC and Soliya. The programme is funded by the European Commission and co-funded by the Government of Finland, the British Council and World Bank Group. The programme seeks to empower young women and men to enhance a culture of dialogue, to contribute to public policy and shape media discourses, and to create a shared understanding with peers across the Mediterranean on how to address issues of common concern to their communities. As part of YMV, the British Council Connected with a number of organisations with the responsibility of establishing debate clubs, managing cascade training of debate skills and meetings with participants at targeted countries level. These organizations were known as “debate hubs”. MAC Club was proud to participate to be one of those debating hubs in Alexandria and being the first hub to have an English debating club alongside an Arabic one. The hubs then held inter- and intra-hub competitions with a final debating forum, giving the opportunity for some clubs to debate at a national level.

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