Revival Alexandrian Heritage 2 (RAH)

Date: 5/4/2019 – 10/12/2019

Scope: Cultural Heritage

Venue(s): Different locations allover Alexandria


Alexandria Arts Center (Al Horya Center for Creativity Arts)

Anna Lindh Foundation

Amideast Egypt

Kom El Dekka NGO

Brief: Embarking on the success of season 1 of the project and owing to Alexandria being a forum for diversity and a cultural destination to people from all around the world, MAC Club continued to reinforce their heritage program by presenting the second season of RAH. The project was in line with Sustainable Development Goals 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities. Main Goals/areas of work included:

 Awareness raising and community participation.

 Heritage documentation.

 Promoting Alexandrian crafts through small projects (which would serve as a model for incorporating heritage in economically successful projects).

The Project extended through 2 phases, the first phase, with the objective of Awareness raising and community participation, targeted a wide range of audience ranging from children, through school events to youth, through informative sessions and field expeditions. These expeditions were in coordination with the Ministries of Antiquities and Tourism and other active actors. The elderly sector was also targeted through a series of events in local coffee shops (downtown Alexandria) with the aim to revitalize the idea of the coffee shops as a cultural forum for dialogue. Phase two of the project had an objective of seeing the city and its people through in-depth approach, with an aim to document the human heritage (by the local communities) Alexandrian native population attached to a built heritage.

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