Revival Alexandrian Heritage 1 (RAH)

Date: 06/06/2013 to 22/07/2014

Scope: Cultural Heritage

Venue: Campaign held at various locations all over Alexandria


  1. Alexandria Arts Center (Al Horya Center for Creativity Arts) and the Cultural Development Fund subordinated to the Ministry of Culture
  2. The Swedish Institute
  3. L’ Institute Francais
  4. The French Delegation – Alexandrian Studies Center.

Sponsor(s): Teatro Alexandria, View Finders and The Camera Club

Brief: It’s a MAC Club – awareness and educational – Campaign that aim to illuminate the heritage of Alexandria (Architecture, Artistic and Human heritage) through three stages of working; the first stage consisted of seminars,

discussion sessions, expeditions and site visits of old and ancient areas in Alexandria. The second stage consisted of an exhibition held to present the captured materials in a venue that represents the Alexandrian Heritage and the last stage is documentary video. It also aimed at guiding the non-governmental organizations to participate in saving the Alexandrian Heritage and collaborate to form alliances for having the acceptance and assistance of the government for saving the heritage.

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