Project Z

Date: June 2019 to August 2019

Venue: Bibliotheca Alexandrina – Youth Activities

Powered by: AL MASRYA BMC

Brief: MAC Club was proud to organize Project Z, which was powered by EL MASRYA BMC. Business undergraduates were the main target in this project which aimed at bridging the gap between higher education and the needs of the local job market in terms of skills and market awareness.

The project successfully demonstrated the importance engagement in education and training through creating a model in which local business, governmental

institutions and community-based organizations to address the skills mismatch between industry and education while offering the business leaders of tomorrow an opportunity to meet leaders in their chosen career field to pass on their experience and mentor generation Z.

In its 2019 edition, Project Z focused on marketing as one of the needs of sponsoring business. 8 sessions were held, they were covering 1.5-hour case study based on real life experience followed by discussion with the speaker. Speakers are experts in the field working incorporate, startups and consulting. Case studies are complemented with workshops to help participants acquire essential skills for business with qualified trainers. At the end of the project, a competition was held between the participants and a panel discussion was organized among all speakers. This gave the chance to the participants to observe how professionals play their field and the panel also judged the competition

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