Model of United Kingdom Parliament (MUP)

Date: 24/02 to 30/11/2015

Scope: Dialogue and Peace building

Venue: Hilton Alexandria – Green Plaza

Partner(s): Foreign & Commonwealth Office represented in the British Embassy and Consulate

Sponsor(s): Hilton Alexandria – Green Plaza

Brief: The project simulated the real UK Parliament in London (Westminster Place), the project at the first place inspired by the UK youth parliament experiences in the British community. The aim was Introducing the parliamentary system to the Egyptian society. The model was the first simulation model that applies the full simulation system. (The two houses – House of Lords and House of Commons) The model had 3 phases, the first was the preparatory stage, including six introductory sessions highlighting the United Kingdom culture and the global policy making issues. The second stage was the separated sessions, this phase took place after dividing the participants into LORDS and MPS through nine condensed sessions each group to discuss specific motions and topics. In addition to the preparations for the main conference phase and setting the participants towards the simulation. Phase three was the conference, Where the participants simulated the MPS and LORDS for four consecutive days working on different global issues and trying to find out tangible solutions for it.

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