MAC CLUB leadership working space M.A.C.L.W partnership with the U.S. Consulate general Alexandria (2018)

In a 4 days training programme, 40 participants were empowered on the leadership and capacity building level through inquiry-based approach and integrative methodology.

Participants acquired facilitation and presentation skills according to fundamental techniques on Project management, awareness raising campaigns and event planning.

In addition, participants got a certification as aspire community leaders, as they will be working as community coordinators with a social development organization.

Training Structure was a Series of training sessions based on the non-formal education approach and peer-to- peer education. Case studies and thematic group discussion that will stimulate in- depth participatory reflections as well as group working and experiential learning activities with a view of strengthening competencies in the field of civic education and participation.

The training and its approach focus on using individual and structural human resources as agents of change and professionalization.

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