Date: 1/4/2018 – 10/6/2018

Scope: Dialogue and peace building

Brief: Harmonica is a campaign encountering 2 music genres, Underground music and a form of folk music known as “Mahragant”. These 2 genres are common in being totally independent and they channel the thoughts and ideas of a certain population, we find Underground music popular among the youth as this type of music describe their struggles and dreams for better future. As for Mahraganat, it rose as a new form of folk music in late 2000s and became popular in poor areas where people also seek to find a way to channel their problems through this type of songs. Harmonica focuses on documenting how these 2 genres began and how they evolved, the campaign also aims at pointing out the differences between the 2 forms, the struggles artists faced during evolving those genres of music, there was also some street interviews carried out during the campaign to find out how the public perceived those types of music.

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