The working woman during Covid-19 Struggles & Triumphs

The Presidential Elections Educational Program was a neutral, non-biased program, held within 3 educational days through workshops and lectures. The Speakers were young civil activists, among them was Mr. Shahir George Isaac. The program aimed at understanding different presidential and parliamentary systems, forms of ruling authorities (legislative and executive) and the expected authorities for the future president, in addition to understanding the essence of formation of a supervisory committee on the elections and knowing the standards upon which a president should be selected.

MAC Care Programme

MAC Care programme was launched to tackle the lack of awareness of Egyptian community towards their health and the environment surrounding them. Some bad habits that Egyptians usually do, like smoking, working overtime with stress, irregular sleeping schedule and many more can negatively impact physiological and psychological health.

Young Mediterranean Voices Programme (YMV)

YMV is coordinated by the Anna Lindh Foundation, co-funded by the British Council, and developed in partnership with the Centre for Mediterranean Integration (CMI), Friends of Europe, the World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid, MEDAC and Soliya. The programme is funded by the European Commission and co-funded by the Government of Finland, the British Council and World Bank Group. The programme seeks to empower young women and men to enhance a culture of dialogue, to contribute to public policy and shape media discourses, and to create a shared understanding with peers across the Mediterranean on how to address issues of common concern to their communities.

Project Z

MAC Club was proud to organize Project Z, which was powered by EL MASRYA BMC. Business undergraduates were the main target in this project which aimed at bridging the gap between higher education and the needs of the local job market in terms of skills and market awareness

Revival Alexandrian Heritage 2 (RAH)

Embarking on the success of season 1 of the project and owing to Alexandria being a forum for diversity and a cultural destination to people from all around the world, MAC Club continued to reinforce their heritage program by presenting the second season of RAH. The project was in line with Sustainable Development Goals 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities


Harmonica is a campaign encountering 2 music genres, Underground music and a form of folk music known as “Mahragant”. These 2 genres are common in being totally independent and they channel the thoughts and ideas of a certain population, we find Underground music popular among the youth as this type of music describe their struggles and dreams for better future. As for Mahraganat, it rose as a new form of folk music in late 2000s and became popular in poor areas where people also seek to find a way to channel their problems through this type of songs. Harmonica focuses on documenting how these 2 genres began and how they evolved, the campaign also aims at pointing out the differences between the 2 forms, the struggles artists faced during evolving those genres of music, there was also some street interviews carried out during the campaign to find out how the public perceived those types of music

Small Hands Campaign

Small Hands is an in-field campaign, focusing on child protection especially working children. The campaign pointed out how we can create a safe environment for working children through fixed working hours and specific standards that guarantee no harm for these children. The campaign also specified the type of work each age group can carry out. MAC Club partnered with co-working spaces and organizations and initiated the campaign there through publishing posters promoting for child protection and interacting with the audience in these venues.

Social Inclusion activities for Refugees – Part of UNHCR Program

In partnership with UNHCR and Caritas Egypt, MAC Club designed organized and implemented activities for the refugees to empower them to speak for themselves and discover their potential talents and after all achieve better social inclusion.

Model of United Kingdom Parliament (MUP)

The project simulated the real UK Parliament in London (Westminster Place), the project at the first place inspired by the UK youth parliament experiences in the British community. The aim was Introducing the parliamentary system to the Egyptian society. The model was the first simulation model that applies the full simulation system. (The two houses – House of Lords and House of Commons)
The model had 3 phases, the first was the preparatory stage, including six introductory sessions highlighting the United Kingdom culture and the global policy making issues. The second stage was the separated sessions, this phase took place after dividing the participants into LORDS and MPS through nine condensed sessions each group to discuss specific motions and topics. In addition to the preparations for the main conference phase and setting the participants towards the simulation. Phase three was the conference, Where the participants simulated the MPS and LORDS for four consecutive days working on different global issues and trying to find out tangible solutions for it.

Revival Alexandrian Heritage 1 (RAH)

It’s a MAC Club – awareness and educational – Campaign that aim to illuminate the heritage of Alexandria (Architecture, Artistic and Human heritage) through three stages of working; the first stage consisted of seminars,
discussion sessions, expeditions and site visits of old and ancient areas in Alexandria. The second stage consisted of an exhibition held to present the captured materials in a venue that represents the Alexandrian Heritage and the last stage is documentary video.
It also aimed at guiding the non-governmental organizations to participate in saving the Alexandrian Heritage and collaborate to form alliances for having the acceptance and assistance of the government for saving the heritage.

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