Bridges 2014 Quest for Humanity

Date: 24/01/2014 to 01/04/2014

Scope: Dialogue and peace building

Venue: Alexandria Regional Center for Women’s Health and Development

Partner(s): Alexandria Regional Center for Women’s Health and Development

Sponsor(s): Forgotten Writers Foundation, The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights and Radio Tram

Brief: Bridges ’14 was built as a brand and had a quest for finding and understanding the true meanings of humanity and social acceptance concepts. Brigdes’14 goals included creating, not just better citizens, but better humans by taking the concepts of humanity into a real implementation and finding the true meanings of social acceptance.

The project’s topics were discussed under 4 main umbrellas:

  1. Peace building: Global and National Peace building and conflicts’ management.
  2. Human rights: basic human rights, women’s rights and child labor
  3. Social Acceptance: Gender equality and safe citizenship
  4. Civic activism: Civic activists’ stories and volunteering as a value

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